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Hi to all!
Im kinda stumped at this error that came up on my login code when I moved my FWX code from an XP home to an XP Pro PC.  I have similar software running on both... Apache, VFP 6.0 SP5 and FoxWeb 3. All was OK on the XP home.
Also during the transfer, I left out the FXPs so that VFP can generate new FXPs on the XP Pro machine, All the rest are the same (that is filename and subfolder names, alhough the site root folder now has a different name.
This is the error... can anyone help?
There was an error during the interpretation of your request.

Error #:      11
Message: Function argument value, type, or count is invalid.
Program: classauth1.passcheck fwauth.fxp
Line #: 367
Line: &SQLStatement

Thanks in advance



<%Auth.AuthTable = "users.dbf"

Auth.SaveCookie = 0

Auth.MaxLoginAttempts = 3


if Auth.NewLogin

session.setvar("sv_id" ,users.master_id)