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Hello all,

I have been testing Foxweb for a little while now and it occurs to me that this is a very stable product.


However, there are still some questions that need to be answered before I can finish the evaluation fase and go on to the next phase, that is, buying a license.


I have created a login page and a logout page.

I do not use the auth object, because its' working seems to depend on the fact that cookies should be allowed on the client computer (and may not be allowed).


So I developed my own login/authentication module, thereby completely skipping the included Foxweb Auth object.

I have also developed my own logout object .

So far, everything works as expected. But I do have several (little) problems :

1- why, if I manually enter an address in the URL bar, pointing to a page in the site I just logged off from, will the contents of that page be shown again ? How can I avoid this and immediately redirect the user to the login page ?

2- If I close Internet Explorer (or any other browser), and re-type the same URL, the foxweb error script will execute and show cryptic error messages

So, actually, the logout works, but why not in the same Internet Explorer window I recently logged off from ?


Is there a way to have the current browser window closed automatically ?


Thanks in advance,