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The error handler (errors.fwx) is compiled, but the script is not executed.
The message of original error appears.
Thank you,
Fernando Medan
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 08/13/2005 03:22:19 PM:
Please be a little more specific.  What do you mean by "the error routine does not work"?  Are you getting an error message?  Are you still getting the original error handler?  Since you are using the run-time DLL, you must make sure that you manually compile your error handler (errors.fwx).

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Sent by Fernando Medan on 08/12/2005 10:30:52 AM:
I am using FoxWeb 2.6 / VFP 6.0 and:
Error template: c:\inetpub\cgi\errors.fwx
* Use run-time DLL
* Log script errors
* Run as a service
The error routine does not work.
Any idea?