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Hello again,
I have a JS function that basically multiply qty*price and updates a text box on my page.
this is the function:
 function UpdateTotal(cNo,cQty,cPrice,cSubTotal)
  var nQty   = parseFloat(cQty.value);
  var nPrice = parseFloat(cPrice.value);
  var nSubTotal  = nQty * nPrice;
     cSubTotal.value = "";
  cSubTotal.value = parseFloat(nSubTotal);
******* End Code ********
However, I know want to pass the cNo (Item number) to the Script and from there, i want the Script to pass the variable to FW and then i will do this if possible in the function:
   cItem = [The item number passed from the JS script "cNo"]
  sele Acc
  set order to No
  seek cItem
  if eof()
   alert('Item was not found');
Could that be accomplished?   
I know i can get a FW to JS variable:
var someVar = <%=FWVar%>;