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Thanks for the Reply.  The recommendations worked, however, there was a text box outside the "Form" and that was causing the problem.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 07/26/2005 11:31:54 AM:
Your HTML code has a problem in that the field name is not enclosed in quotes.  Most browsers will work fine with this, as long as the name does not contain spaces, but you should always use correct HTML.  A second problem appears to be that you are missing some delimiters:
   <%cStr = ltrim(str(nCount))%>
  <td ><input type="text" size = "10" name="Qty<%=cStr%>" OnBlur="UpdateTotal(this,<%="Price"+cStr%>,<%="SubTotal"+cStr%>)"></td>
For JavaScript errors, you should be looking at the HTML code being served to the browser.  If this code is identical to your static code, then you should not be getting any error messages.  If you are still getting the same problem after you make the above fixes, you should use your browser's View Source function to examine the HTML and JavaScript code.  Make sure that you have valid HTML and that you are using correct URLs for any included JS code.

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Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 07/26/2005 08:02:54 AM:
FoxWeb Applicationa & JavaScript.
I have a form called OrderForm, which contains text boxes that are created dynamically thru scan/endscan
in the code of fwx, i have:
   some codes here to display content in a table
   cStr = ltrim(str(nCount))
  <td ><input type="text" size = "10" name=Qty<%=cStr%> OnBlur="UpdateTotal(this,<%="Price"+cStr%>,<%="SubTotal"+cStr%>)"></td>
in the UpdateTotal function of javascript i have:
alert(document.OrderForm.Qty1.value); <-- error in this code
however, if I have this in normal html page, it works, in fwx, it generate an error saying that document.OrderForm.Qty1 is null or not an object.