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FoxWeb Applicationa & JavaScript.
I have a form called OrderForm, which contains text boxes that are created dynamically thru scan/endscan
in the code of fwx, i have:
   some codes here to display content in a table
   cStr = ltrim(str(nCount))
  <td ><input type="text" size = "10" name=Qty<%=cStr%> OnBlur="UpdateTotal(this,<%="Price"+cStr%>,<%="SubTotal"+cStr%>)"></td>
in the UpdateTotal function of javascript i have:
alert(document.OrderForm.Qty1.value); <-- error in this code
however, if I have this in normal html page, it works, in fwx, it generate an error saying that document.OrderForm.Qty1 is null or not an object.