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I've done as you suggested but I'm still getting identical results.

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 07/12/2005 10:28:51 AM:
There is absolutely nothing in FoxWeb 3.1 that would cause a slow-down compared to FoxWeb 3.0.  My guess is that the problem is related to VFP 9.  Microsoft has revamped their SQL search engine in VFP 9 and we have heard of as well as experienced several problems related to this.  in fact, we have kept this Forum running on VFP 8, because certain pages would take 30 seconds to display instead of the usual fraction of a second.
I realize that you have tried FoxWeb 3.1 with both VFP 6 and VFP 9, but there must be a mistake.  Please try installing version 3.1 for VFP 6 and try your test again.  You can verify the version of VFP you are running by calling fwAdmin.asp and looking at the System Information page.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Carl Subick on 07/11/2005 08:53:25 AM:

We're experiencing a dramatic slowdown executing a calculation intensive program when we upgraded from 3.0 to 3.1

Here're the results of our testing.

Server: 1.4GHZ PIII, 1GIG RAM, Win 2K
Apache: 2.0.54

Foxweb 2.6 (Vfp 6.0 runtime): 23 sec.
Foxweb 3.0 (Vfp 6.0 runtime): 24 sec.
Foxweb 3.1 (Vfp 6.0 runtime): 107 sec.
Foxweb 3.1 (Vfp 9.0 runtime): 107 sec.