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To Foxweb Support - Thank you for your quick reply. This form and your speedy responses is appreciated and is certainly a benefit to Foxweb users.

I hope in the near future you figure out a method of providing the user guide / online documentation in PDF format.  I tried to use Acrobat to grab the online document but like you ran into problems. I would really like a printed version to read while on the road.

Thanks for your help.

John Sullivan
Eugene, Oregon

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 06/30/2005 12:29:52 PM:
The FoxWeb documentation is currently only available in HTML format.  Unfortunately we do not have the resources to maintain our documentation in multiple formats and we chose HTML as the most suitable format for the widest range of applications.
In the past we have experimented with automatic converters between HTML and PDF, but none of them did a good job interpreting our hierarchical menu to a continuous PDF document.  We are looking at using a different navigation technology, which may allow us to produce better PDF files, but I can't make any commitments right now.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by John Sullivan on 06/29/2005 01:36:21 PM:
My company is considering 3 different Visual FoxPro web development tools. These are West Wind Web Connection, Active FoxPro Pages and Foxweb. Other than Foxweb they all provide documentation both online and in PDF or Word format. The PDF version is ideal for printing a local copy. When you are on an airplane it is nice to have documentation to read.

Does Foxweb ever intend to offer Foxweb documentation in PDF format?

I realize that having only online documentation makes it easier for you. But online does not always fit into your customer's situations. Can this be fixed?


John Sullivan