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I am running FoxWeb on a shared server. Not my choice, but the owner wants to keep cost down. Since I am the guy coordinating the install I've run into some problems. I've asked the web hosting service to load FoxWeb onto the server and configure Foxweb per the programmers request.


The problem is the programmer is telling me if he goes to this link he should be able to access his program he has written. He says:


I copied my programs and data into httpsdocs. When I try to access my program as  I get a login screen then an error both for http and https


I told the programmer the file folder he has normprg.fwx is realy in:


But he says it does not matter, if we followed his directions setting up the configuration file it should pick up his file.


When I do go to the link, I get a username and password box that pops up from our server. The thing is I've never set up a protected directory on the server - so I have no idea why the login box appears.


My web hosting service says to load all of the files in the HTTPdocs folder for public viewing and not the HttpsDocs folder but the programmer has places the files in both places and we are getting the same results. WE have also placed a test.htm at the address mentioned and it pulls up fine in a browser - no login box appears.



If anyone has any ideas that would be awesome!


Thank you,