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FoxWeb processes use SYS(3050) to determine how much buffer memory they can use, but they only occupy this memory if necessary.  FoxWeb sets SYS(3050), based on the Buffer Memory Size configuration option.  It does so by dividing the number you enter by the number of channels.  For example, if you set the Buffer Memory Size to 800 MB and you are running 6 channels, each channel will be set to use 133 MB of buffer memory.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Geoff Enkel on 06/08/2005 07:48:48 PM:
We have Foxweb 2.5 running 6 channels on a 1gb memory server. The memory usage is low, around 171mb, and we are investigating channel memory buffer usage with a view to increasing it.
Investigating the doco shows sys(3050) should be the command used to increase the buffer, however, I have been unable to find out it's current usage or even how to increase it. There must be a way to view current system running on the Foxweb server and of setting new values when Foxweb starts but I have no manual available to investigate further. Any help would be appreciated
many thanks