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We are running Foxweb 2.5 with VFP 6.  The need has arisen recently to move Chinese (unicode) characters from SQL, through FoxWeb, to display on a web page.  I need a newer version of the strconv() function found in VFP9 that I hope will help me accomplish this.
Q1: The last post I saw about VFP9 said it was in Beta and not supported yet.  Will FoxWeb support it now?
Q2: If Foxweb will support it, what is the best procedure for migration?  (i.e. shut foxweb down, uninstall 6, install 9, restart foxweb????) and are there any settings in Foxweb that will need to change?
Q3:  Any advice on these Chinese characters (unicode?)  Will VFP9 function strconv() work?
I appreciate your help.