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Support Team,
I renamed the cookie and now it works ok.
Sorry about that.
Thank you,
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 05/09/2005 02:36:18 PM:
It's possible that the old login page sent a cookie that is more specific.  For example, if you have a cookie whose path is "/MyAppPath", it will take precedence over a cookie whose path is simply "/".

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Michael Wheat on 05/09/2005 02:21:24 PM:
Hi Support Team,
I use runtime dll's and FoxWeb 3.0.
I use SetCookie before and Response.Write().
tcUserId = "00570"
I use GetCookie in the login page.
lcUserId = Request.GetCookie("ASAOLBLOGIN")
lcUserId is now equal to "01373"
I get the old cookie that was stored on my computer from the old login page written in a different language.
Thank you,