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Are you running FoxWeb as a service?  If yes, then you will need to make sure that the service logon user has sufficient rights.  At a minimum, this user must have:
  • Full rights to the FoxWeb registry key (hklm\Software\Aegis Group\FoxWeb)
  • Read/Write rights to the FoxWeb program folder (c:\Program Files\FoxWeb)
  • Read/Write rights to the FoxWeb Program Root and it's sub-folders.
The user will also need sufficient rights to run VFP.  It's possible that this user may require additional rights, depending on your scripts.
I recommend that you take a look at the file fwstart.log, which may contain clues that may help you identify where the problem is.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Doug Dodge on 05/09/2005 01:50:16 PM:
Hi Folks,
I am getting the following error:
 "Error in CGI Back-End Program"
"There are no open channels.
I am running on IIS6.0 and have obviously missed some critical permissions or security issue. I have gone through all the docs & searched the form for something that would help and I'm stumpified right now.
I am using v1.29c (I know I know - we're upgrading <g>) but the only difference with this test site & the others is that this is IIS 6.0, so I figure that's where the problem is at. After checking everything I can find I am still overlooking something (probably real simple.)
Any help out there?