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Please be more specific:
  • Operating system
  • VFP version
  • Running as a system service?
  • Using run-time DLL?
  • Web server software
  • The version of FoxWeb you are using
  • Directory where FoxWeb (FWSERVER.EXE) is installed
  • Directory where foxweb.exe and foxweb.dll are installed
  • The full URL being used
  • The exact text of the error message displayed by the browser, or stored in the error log (if applicable).

Also, please paste the contents of the file c:\program files\foxweb\fwstart.log in your response.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Bill Souza on 04/28/2005 06:52:09 AM:
I am getting a "fwstart" error message when I try to execute any of your samples.

What am I doing wrong?