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The FWXCompile program is only installed if you are running VFP 5.  You don't need FWXCompile for other VFP versions, because you can compile directly on the server, using either fwadmin.asp (recommended), or the fwCompile class.  For details please refer to the What's New in FoxWeb page of the documentation.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 04/27/2005 07:42:57 PM:

Using Foxweb version 3.0, the helpfile states that I can compile .fwx files into .fxp files using...

DO FWXCompile.EXE WITH cFileSpec [, bRecurse [, bForce [, bEncrypt]]]

but I cannot find FWXCompile.exe anywhere (I've searched the whole HDD).  Could anyone tell me where I can find this file?

Many thanks,

Alan Harris-Reid