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I'm running FoxWeb 2.6 and am attempting to understand how this series of events can be happening with an application I was passed to re-host:
1)  The first page receives a query string to extract a user's information and access level from a database. 
2)  This information is stored in cookies on the client's machine.
3)  Each time a page is called, the values of the cookies are placed into memory variables in order to maintain the user's state throughout their session.
4)  These memory variables are used throughout the application
I've observed the following just on the FIRST page alone, and it would explain some of the problems in my previous postings to this list:
1)  For debugging purposes I have the values of the cookies displayed at the bottom of each page.
2)  On the initial page when it is first initiated the 'cookie' line states there are no values posted in ANY cookie.
3)  Pressing 'Refresh' the values in the cookies appear, however, the username is correct, the other values do NOT match the information for that record in the database, but the first record.  This data is extracted with a SQL Select statement WHERE the username=QUERYSTRING value
4)  Pressing 'Refresh' a SECOND time on the SAME page, the 'cookie' line now shows all the values as they should be for that particular user.
Now I have 'inherited' this from another person who has been running it for some time with no trouble.  He's been most helpful.  My server's settings match his exactly, yet he's never (so he says) encountered this.
My question is:  what is the 'firing order' of an FWX file.  Currently, I have the first page HTML embedded at the end of FoxPro code that takes the querystring and performs validation.  It appears the fox code is not firing before the HTML.