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Please tell us a bit about your situation.

What kind of hardware are you running?
What kind of connection do you have to the Internet?
What kind of connection does the browser making the offending request have to the Internet?

Could it be that the other channels appear to slow down, because your Internet connection gets saturated, or do local calls from the server also appear slower?  Also, what happens when you call the same script and select all clients from a browser running on your server?  Do you get the same performance problems?

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by James Williams on 04/07/2005 04:25:47 AM:
I am also getting unable to connect to broker messages.
Sent by James Williams on 04/06/2005 07:40:20 AM:
Script response times slow right down when i post a large form to the server.
i have a form that asks the user to select from a list of clients (multiselect). This list has currently around 600 entries.
If the user selects all the clients and they post this form we see a noticeable slow down in all other script, to the point that you thing that the scripts have stoped responeding.
The script takes about 30 secs to upload and about 4 secs to execute.
Does the individual channel receive the post data or does the post data come in through one point (the broker) and then get passed on from there.
How can i resolve this.
Windows 2000 server
Foxweb 3
6 channels running
100mb per channel