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The FoxWeb setup program tries to detect whether you are running under IIS 6 (Windows 2003) and configures itself as a Web Service Application.  For some reason, it seems that in your particular setup it gets fooled into thinking that you are running IIS 6.  Web application do not need to be configured as Web Service Applications on IIS 5 (the server that comes with Windows 2000), so you may safely ignore this warning message.

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Sent by Kia on 04/02/2005 05:55:06 PM:
I'm trying to install Foxweb 3 on a NT 2000 server and this message comes up: 'Failed to add Web Service Application'.
I've tried to uninstall the IIS and Foxweb a few times, rebooted the system, and still get this message.  Any ideas on how to fix this issue?