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Suppose I have some commands in a FW script, say "Test.fwx" such as :

USE "products" IN 0 ORDER TAG "code"
USE "basket" IN 0 ORDER TAG "code"

1) What happens when several users request the same script "Test.fwx" at the same time ?  Does FW process script requests in serial (one after another) or simultaneously ? 

If processing is done in a serial fashion, I don't think there is a problem (but see question 2). 

If processing is done simultaneously, surely the script will crash, with Foxpro complaining that the tables are already open (by the very first user that ran "Test.fwx")

2) What happens to open tables when FW finishes processing a script ?  Do I need to explicity close them, or does FW do that automatically ? 

If FW processes scripts simultaneously, and I explicity close a table, does that affect other scripts being run which use the table which has been closed ?

Thanks for your help.