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Ok, go figure..
I just tried again and it worked.
I had been disconnected from the web while having the trouble, then reconnected, and then disconnected again (for testing purposes). After the reconnect/re-disconnect things started working.
Maybe IE has some sort of internal flag or something.
Regardless, we're up & running.
Sent by Doug Dodge on 03/21/2005 10:28:38 AM:
Hi folks,
Ok, I am getting an error "Error in CGI data Server". I am using FoxWeb 1.29 and this error only happens in one place and only in Internet Explorer. Works just fine in Netscape 7.2, FireFox and Mozilla.
I am presuming that I need to claen a cache or something in IE and will start doing so but thought I'd post this and ask if anyone else has seen this and what their thoughts were.