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Yes, i think so
Sent by First Last on 11/08/2004 08:21:48 AM:

I don't know how compelling this reason would be for others, but I would like the ability to alter the FWX extension in order to mislead would-be assailants as to the nature of the data system behind the page.  While "security through obscurity" is only one level of a total security plan, it is a particularly useful level if the amateur hackers could be sent on a goose-chase thinking that they're attacking an Oracle system.


With Microsoft's security being as impenetrable as a screen door, any help is welcome.

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 10/27/2004 06:17:00 PM:
The .fwx extension was chosen somewhat randomly (FoxWeb eXecutable?) and could be made configurable, but it would require changes in many different parts of the code.  We have yet to hear a compelling reason to do this.

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Sent by Eloy Marroquín on 10/27/2004 05:26:51 PM:

Well, i´m a foxweb programmer since 4 or 5 years ago.

I've seen a lot of applications that appear to show html files with query strings and i don´t understand how this work.

If i can configure foxweb to process HTML files like FWX and IIS to process HTM files, i´ll be very happy

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 10/26/2004 02:42:02 PM:
No, at this point the fwx extension is hard-coded.  Is there a reason why you want to do this?  Please elaborate, so that we can evaluate your needs and determine whether there's an alternate solution.

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Sent by Eloy Marroquín on 10/26/2004 09:50:20 AM:
Hi, i´m Eloy from México....
This is my question..
Can i use and config another file extension instead of FWX??
I mean, can Foxweb compile file extension different to FWX?
I´m using Foxweb 2.x, and i´ll buy foxweb 3 as soon as posible