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Are you sure that channels are started to begin with?  This does not make much sense, because if FoxWeb can start channels when the service is started, it should also be able to kill and restart them.
In general, if something works if you run FoxWeb as a regular app., but does not work if you run it as a service, it's a user rights issue.  However, in this case the service is running as the Local System account (you wrote "Local Machine", but I assume you meant "Local System"), which normally has full user rights on the local computer.
I recommend that you first make sure that channels are started properly:
  1. Start FoxWeb as a service.  Open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the task bar and selecting "Task Manager".
  2. In the Windows Task Manager window, make sure that the "Show processes from all users" check box is checked.
  3. Sort the various processes by name, by clicking on the "Image Name" header.
  4. Can you see fwstart.exe?  What user is it running under (it should be SYSTEM)?
  5. Can you see fwserver.exe or VFP.EXE (which on you see will depend on whether you are using the VFP run-time DLL).  There should be a separate instance for each channel.  These processes should be running under the same user name as fwstart.exe.
  6. Try killing one of the channel instances, by selecting it and clicking the "End Process" button.  Does the process come back?
If the above is not working, then try the following:
  1. Log into the system through the console (not through a Remote Desktop, or Terminal Services session).
  2. Open the properties of the FoxWeb service in the Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Services applet.
  3. In the Log On tab, check the box labeled "Interact with the desktop".
  4. Restart the FoxWeb service.  You should now be able to see the FoxWeb icon in the tray area of the task bar.
  5. Right click on the icon and uncheck the Hide Channels option.  You should not be able to see an icon for each channel.
  6. Kill one of the channels by right-clicking on its icon and selecting the "Close" option.  Does the channel come back?  If not, do you see any pop up messages, or other indication of what the problem may be?
  7. Don't forget to re-enable the Hide Channels option and disable the "Interact with the desktop" check box.  You will need to restart the FoxWeb service for this to take effect. (In general, you should never run the FoxWeb service with the Interact with the desktop option enabled, unless you are troubleshooting a problem).

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Andrea Caletti on 02/24/2005 05:53:39 AM:
I'm using Windows 2003 y FoxWeb 3.0
We have a different behaviour where Foxweb run not as a Service and when run as service.
If the program run NOT as a service all works fine: when channel goes down, it restarts after few seconds.
But when foxweb run as a service the channels don't restart altough the fwstart.log says the contrary.
The user that start the service is 'LocalMachine' but we hawe tryed also with an Administrator account.
We also have verified that the user has full access in the registry:
hkey_local_machine\software\Aegis Group\FoxWeb
02/24/2005 14:30:42 Closing FoxWeb
02/24/2005 14:30:46 Starting FoxWeb
02/24/2005 14:32:33 Killed Channel 1: /FormTab@quality/gestab
02/24/2005 14:32:36 Restarting Channel 1
02/24/2005 14:32:58 Killed Channel 2: /FormTab@quality/gestab
02/24/2005 14:33:01 Restarting Channel 2
Best regards.