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1. My assumption is that you first question refers to the performance difference between using HTML code blocks versus serving HTML code with the Response.Write method in .fwx files.  FoxWeb converts .fwx scripts to regular FoxPro .prg program files during compilation.  Once scripts are compiled, only the corresponding .fxp file is used unless the original .fwx file is modified.  For example, the following .fwx script:
This page was served on <%=DATETIME()%>.
</HTML> converted to the following .prg code:
Response.Write('<HTML>' + ;
 CHR(10) + '<BODY>' + ;
 CHR(10) + 'This page was served on ')
Response.Write('.' + ;
 CHR(10) + '</BODY>' + ;
 CHR(10) + '</HTML>  ' + ;
As you can see, HTML code blocks get served with the Response.Write method anyway, so there's no difference in performance.
2. Yes, the FoxWeb Forum was written in FoxWeb.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Max Link on 02/13/2005 08:48:31 PM:
Hi, I'm new with FW, I have some questions.
1. I want to know if foxweb can run faster or same, with full code like this,
    ex. : response.write("<HTML>")
2. FoxWeb Forum running on FoxWeb or not ?