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Have you tried using the Authenticate.fwx script that comes with FoxWeb?  Do you get the same error with that script?
Also, make sure that the login form you are using exists (by default it's called AuthForm.fwx and it's stored in the FoxWeb installation folder).  If you are using the VFP run-time DLL, then you will need to also make sure to manually compile the login form script.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Jennifer Welch on 02/10/2005 08:55:34 AM:
I am working on changing my authentication from using the old oPass object to using the Auth object.
The old opass code still works just fine.
When I change the authentication to use the auth object I get the error:
Error in FoxWeb Foundation Program in my browser.
When I check the error log on the server it says:
202 Invalid path or filename
Please help?
Thank You