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I should do this event is the cookies that is sent is the cookie of the session of FoxWeb ? I don't have the control over the cookie that foxweb send to the browser to keep the session.
If you pass by you can logon. If you pass by (and close your browser between) it don't work. But if you type the first link and then the second (and don't close the browser) it work. This is probably because the cookie is attach to the browser session.

J.F. Mathieu

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 02/03/2005 06:46:04 PM:
The problem may be related to the fact that your frameset document is served by a different domain name ( than the frame running your script (

IE6 has a privacy setting that prevents "3rd party cookies", which are defined as cookies that don't belong to the site originally called.  For example, if your site is contained in frames and the URL of the frameset document has a different server name than the individual frames, then cookies are disabled.  Note that server names and paths are case sensitive as far as cookies are concerned, so even a capitalization discrepancy can cause this problem.
The way to get around this problem is to use a compact P3P policy -- an HTTP header containing an abbreviated version of a full P3P policy, which is an XML document.
For information on P3P policies and how to create them, check out the following sites:
General information on P3P:
Microsoft information on IE6 and cookies/privacy:

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Jean-Francois Mathieu on 01/28/2005 06:29:32 PM:
I have post about Session state that is lost a few month ago Re: Session variable not "working" Thread 001370. My problem was solve up to recently some users bring me back a problem.
The situation:
In fw_enter I do the authenfication with session variable (I set them) and on the other request I validate the user by the session variable.
So I first pass by [fw_enter]Login.fwx and after go to [fw_enter]fUpdate.fwx and there fw_enter stop the user because I can't find the session variable and I say to the user :
                         * Message *
Access restricted!
Combinaison Username and Company not found.

Technical info:
*Company: (from session variable)
*Username: (from session variable)
*Code: www003297
*ParamID: 1FR120CL41
*SessionID: 1FR19FN2W1
The ParamID is the sessionid that I have pass to keep track and the SessionID is the new session id.
But I have found that everything works find if I change my "Privacy Setting" from Medium to Low. (this is happening on IE)
If you whant to check go to and set your Privacy to Medium. You should get some thing like this message and retry with Privacy Low.
So to me it seems that the problem regard the cookie of session. Do you have been I contact with this problem before ?

J.F. Mathieu