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Hello all
Since FoxPro programs can be decompiled at the drop of a hat and since some clever so-n-so can rig his browser to download the scripts, I was wondering if the following technique would work.
  1. All code which I don't want downloaded is called as functions/procedures from other scripts that I don't care about
  2. The no-download scripts are in a directory not residing on the web server (mapped share or similar)
  3. The web server is locked down to keep browsers from "wandering" outside of the programmed web-root folder
  4. The FoxPro path is set up to include the location of the no-download scripts.

Then, even if someone were able to "trick" their browser to download the script in its raw form, it wouldn't help them since the really useful code is in another file which is called by the script they just downloaded.  Though they would possibly have the file's name, they would have no way of querying the FoxPro path to find it, right? 

Is there something obvious that I'm missing?


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