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Yes, this should do it.

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Sent by Jean-Francois Mathieu on 01/28/2005 01:14:54 PM:
So to see the line number I should installe on the server the vs studio 6 fox pro dans disable the run-time DLL option ? Is that all ?
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 01/28/2005 11:58:43 AM:
Do you really want to trap the error, or do you want to fix the problem?  The error is currently trapped and logged by the default FoxWeb error handler.  In order to identify and fix the problem, you will need to use one of the techniques described in the Debugging FoxWeb Scripts topic of the FoxWeb documentation.  One thing that would help is to switch to using the full version of FoxWeb instead of the run-time DLL.  This will allow you to identify the line number of the problem code (note that with FoxWeb 3 the line number would be visible even when using the VFP run-time DLL).
The www_run procedure is part of the FoxWeb foundation code.  This code calls fw_start and then passes control to your script.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Jean-Francois Mathieu on 01/28/2005 07:31:42 AM:


I like to know how I could trap this error that I get in foxweb ?

There was an error during the interpretation of your request.

Error #:      107
Message: Operator/operand type mismatch.
Program: c:\program files\foxweb\programs\conexio\fw_enter.fxp

in the browser. And in the error log I have

Script:c:\program files\foxweb\programs\conexio\fw_enter.fxp

Error : 107 : Operator/operand type mismatch.

Line : 0 : Not Available (Run Time)    

Prev: procedure www_run www_read.fxp 

I also like to know what is www_run and www_read ?


Server information :

FoxWeb 2.6 / Windows 2000 Server / IIS



J.F. Mathieu