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FoxWeb uses CGI (or ISAPI if the server supports it) to communicate with the web server.  This is true regardless of whether you are using script mapping, or referring to "foxweb.exe" in the URL.
Script mapping simply allows you to omit the reference to the path and name of the CGI program.  Here's an example without script mapping:
And the same request with script mapping:
The effect of the same, but the second URL is must simpler.
Script mapping is not the same as creating an alias (or a virtual directory as some other servers call it).

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by SinclairZX81 on 01/26/2005 07:45:52 AM:
Thanks for the quick response.  The path: did work.
I did put a help request into Abyss's support, but from your perspective, would you consider script mapping of URL's an Alias function, or a CGI variable input?  Abyss's definition of an Aliase shown in an example is:


Example 4-4. Absolute real path

Assume now that there exists an alias which virtual path is /images and which real path is d:\web\artwork. If a browser asks for http://<your host name>:<server port>/images/logo.jpg, the server maps the requested URL to the file d:\web\artwork\logo.jpg. The difference with the previous example is that the real path is absolute and not relative.


The CGI variable input is only described by them as variables declared in the User CGI environment variables table as well as some system environment variables (namely PATH, TEMP, TMP, SystemRoot, COMSPEC, PATHEXT, and WINDIR .) conforming  with the CGI/1.1 specification.

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 01/25/2005 10:36:56 PM:
It seems like your CGI configuration is correct, because when you explicitly reference foxweb.exe your request is passed on to FoxWeb.  The problem is that FoxWeb is unable to execute contact.fwx, so it returns the message "Script "CONTACT.FWX" is invalid, or non-existent".  This is probably caused by the fact that in the default setup, contact.fwx is not in the FoxWeb Program Root, but rather in the ContactMine2 sub-folder:
Default Program Root: c:\Program Files\FoxWeb\Programs
Location of contact.fwx: c:\Program Files\FoxWeb\Programs\ContactMine2
This means that in order to call contact.fwx you need to specify the sub-folder, as follows:
I can't really help you script-with the mapped URL (, because we have absolutely no experience with Abyss.  I recommend that you ask for help from the makers of the web server software.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by SinclairZX81 on 01/25/2005 09:33:55 AM:
Has anyone sucessfully configured Abyss Web Server to work with Foxweb?  I have already refered to the help documentation about the scripts (CGI) but can't seem to get the foxweb configuration right.
The FoxWeb.exe is loaded in the cgi-bin (scripts) folder of Abyss, and I have loaded the CGI interpreter settings of Abyss as show in the parameters below:
CGI Parameters:
CGI Interpreters:
J:\Program Files\Abyss Web Server\cgi-bin\Foxweb.exe
Associated Extensions:
CGI Paths:
User CGI Environment Variables:
When I try to run a script, for example the sample,, the browser returns the message:
HTTP 404 Not Found.
When I attempt to further path out the request using:
I get the foxweb executable to respond, but it answers with the message:  Script "CONTACT.FWX" is invalid, or non-existent.
I know it has to be a configuration issue, but am not sure which way to turn, so any help you can give would be appreciated, as I would like to try this fine product.  Thanks in advance.