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Has anyone sucessfully configured Abyss Web Server to work with Foxweb?  I have already refered to the help documentation about the scripts (CGI) but can't seem to get the foxweb configuration right.
The FoxWeb.exe is loaded in the cgi-bin (scripts) folder of Abyss, and I have loaded the CGI interpreter settings of Abyss as show in the parameters below:
CGI Parameters:
CGI Interpreters:
J:\Program Files\Abyss Web Server\cgi-bin\Foxweb.exe
Associated Extensions:
CGI Paths:
User CGI Environment Variables:
When I try to run a script, for example the sample,, the browser returns the message:
HTTP 404 Not Found.
When I attempt to further path out the request using:
I get the foxweb executable to respond, but it answers with the message:  Script "CONTACT.FWX" is invalid, or non-existent.
I know it has to be a configuration issue, but am not sure which way to turn, so any help you can give would be appreciated, as I would like to try this fine product.  Thanks in advance.