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First of all, please provide us with the following information:
  • Operating system
  • VFP version
  • The exact text of the error message displayed by the browser, or stored in the error log (if applicable).
You mention that you are getting an error message indicating that the "variable is not defined or found".  Is this a VFP error message, or one generated by validation code in your script?  I assume that you are referring to a VFP error, because you reference entries in the FoxWeb error log.  This is puzzling, because FoxWeb's Session.GetVar method does not return an error message when you request the value of a non-existent session variable -- it simply returns an empty string.
Could it be that the error is related to a non-existent memory variable instead (as opposed to a session variable)?  I recommend that you cross-reference the line number listed in the error log with the corresponding line in your code.
If necessary, please send us a copy of your error log files (errors.dbf, errors.cdx and errors.fpt).  Even better, if you are using FoxWeb 3.0 send us the URL of your application and the admin userid/password, so that we can try to reproduce the problem and examine your error log via fwadmin.fwx.  The error log files, URL, and admin user id/password should be sent via email to

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Bob Keller on 01/04/2005 11:35:46 AM:
Okay, I've been all over this problem and it makes no sense.  I define and store a handful of session variables when my application first starts up.  With each call to another page, the same specified procedure is called to retrieve these variables in order to maintain 'state' throughout. 
However, after a couple of drill downs into the process the application errors out stating that a variable is not defined or found.  Yet when you look in the error log the session variable is there with the needed value that was assigned at the start of the process.
No, there is nothing clearing, releasing, or closing sessions, variables, etc...  What is happening, what can be done to eliminate this problem.
On a similar note, and it could be related to what I mentioned above, when the application is first fired up and you go to ANY link, the application errors out that, again, variables not found.  Hitting the 'BACK' button and then refreshing the page eliminates this and the user can then go on, until he gets the errors mentioned above...
As part of troubleshooting this problem I have the variables displayed at the bottom of each screen as the pages come up.  This shows me that the variables are not being cleared by some 'hidden' command...