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Let me make sure that I understand your situation:
You are an ASP, hosting FoxWeb sites for your customers.  You just signed new customers, so you need to purchase additional licenses.  You are still using FoxWeb 1.29c and would like to continue using this version.
If the above statements are true, then I recommend that you purchase regular (not upgrade) FoxWeb 3 licenses, but ask Eon Technologies to issue both 1.X and 3.X software keys for you.  Making a note on the order form, explaining the situation, should be sufficient (you may simply paste this text).
As you know, FoxWeb 1.29c did not allow multiple serial numbers to be entered on the same FoxWeb installation, but that's OK.  Our records will indicate the total number of licenses you own, so you will be legally covered.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Anonymous on 01/03/2005 12:28:36 AM:
We are actually using Foxweb 1.29c on a few web servers.
If we buy a license of Foxweb 3, can we still install and use Foxweb 1
with our customers ?
If we can do this, can we buy one license for each customer, but use one serial number (of Foxweb 1) for all the sites installed ? If not, how can we do ?
We have already asked for Sales service to respond to this question,
but we are staying with no response.
Please can you help us ?