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Ok.  I'm at a loss.  I've got a simple script that is going to track information about users (IP, domain, etc) as they come to my site.  I've created a free-standing table and set up the master indexes the way I want - nothing special, no data-rule enforcements and such.
At the very top of the script: I have the following code:
close tables all
use "c:\program files\foxweb\programs\sessions.db" shared alias sess_table
response.write("Record Count: ")

Now, the table "sessions.db" is EMPTY.  I know this because I just created the table moments ago -- and as I chased the issue down, I wrote a FoxPro program to blow away the table contents.  When the above code executes the first time, the reccount is 1(!!).  If I refresh the page, the reccount increases 1 for every time I hit the Refresh button.  Keep in mind, that there isn't a single 'append' command in the entire script.  In fact, as I tested the script, I deleted everything else below it!


In FoxPro, the reccount is 0 and stays that way.  Why is FoxPro automatically appending a record to this table when it is opened?


12/19/2004 - Update:

Apparently, this odd behavior is due to the fact that the table name is "sessions" (regardless of the extention).  I changed the name to something else, and the record-adding behavior ceased.  'Fixed' but still a mystery.



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