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The FoxWeb Error Handler logs errors and then calls a script that returns information about the error to the browser.  By default FoxWeb uses in internal script for this purpose, but you can specify your own script in the FoxWeb Control Center.  The supplied ErrHandler.fwx emulates the default internal code, so it's a good place to start with.  From there, you can add code that tests for specific conditions (for example the error number) and displays different text depending on the situation. 

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Jim Doe on 12/14/2004 05:10:43 AM:
Hi all
When FoxWeb encounters an error like a script syntax error or trying to access a database that has been opened via USE --- EXCLUSIVE, how does it generate the error page?
Our site is an information look-up site - no financial transactions, shopping carts or similar.  And, in fact, no updates are made to the database at all by any of the scripts.  Everything is opened as "shared noupdate."  Every night an independant FoxPro program has to exclusively grab the database and thrash out some of the data.  It normally takes place at 4:00am EST and only takes a minute or less to run.  Nevertheless, every FoxWeb script will crash with the plain-vanilla default error message.  What I would like to do is generate a "Database is undergoing nightly maintenance" page or similar. 
I know that it is possible to code this kind of checking in the actual scripts, but there are hundreds of scripts involved and the USE issue is the only serious error that can happen to any one of them.



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