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Wasn't Excel v2 limited to 16,384 rows? 
Try exporting with a "TYPE XL5" and see if that doesn't help.  I think that the limit for the later versions of Excel were 65,535 rows.
Hope that helps.


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Sent by Richard on 12/11/2004 09:17:51 PM:
I don't see anything in the FoxPro documentation about a limit the number of records I only have this problem with XLS exports ,delimited field exports  are fine and I don't see any time outs.  It only takes less than a second to export the file. Does anyone have any experiance exporting large number of records in XLS without the 16,385 limit?  Thanks for your help
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/11/2004 08:22:50 PM:
There's nothing specific to FoxWeb when it comes to capabilities of VFP commands.  FoxWeb channels use the native VFP engine, so if COPY in VFP can export more than 16,385 records, so can it do in FoxWeb scripts.
Could it be that your script is timing out?  You may want to add an action after the COPY command to verify that the channel is not being killed.  You can also check the file fwstart.log for channel restart messages.

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Sent by Richard on 12/11/2004 07:03:31 AM:
When I use Copy To or Export to Type XLS l am only able to copy 16,384 records then it stops I don't see anything in the documentation about any limit. If I copy to using  Type CVS I get the whole file. Am I missing something?
Thanks for your help