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VFP 9 is an unreleased product and FoxWeb (any version) does not support it yet.  We will be adding support for VFP 9 in FoxWeb 3.X at some point in the future, but on the meantime we can't support this configuration and recommend that you use VFP 8 (or below).

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Sent by J. Busker on 11/10/2004 06:11:14 AM:
I've installed FW3 beta after I installed VFP9 beta.
The problem I'm having is that FW3 fails to start any channels using VFP9.
I had been using FW2.6 which seemed to work fine with VFP9 beta (even though I could only select VFP8 as the Foxpro version)
I realize that you may not be supporting VFP9 yet, but is there any reason the channels won't start like they did in FW2.6?