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General fields are for storing OLE objects and later displaying them via OLEBound controls.  As far as I know, there is no native VFP command that will allow you to extract the binary data contained in a general field.  This functionality is absolutely necessary in order to send this data to the browser and this is why we recommend the use of memo fields instead.
After doing some research, we found the following page, that may be useful to you.  Use at your own risk:
Extracting BMPs from general fields 
You'll find that VFP doesn't have a native function to extract the content of a general field back to the original document type.  The CopyGen function does the trick. It is specifically geared to extract BMP images from a general field, but with a little research you can customize it to extract other type of data.
Basically, what it does is open the FPT with low level file access, search for the proper position, identify where the BMP file starts (there is a lot of other OLE information within) and extract it back to a single file.
from Martín Salías with original help of Raymond Krauss
The above information was found at
A commercial tool with similar capabilities and the same name (CopyGen) can be found at

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Sent by Kristi Westfall on 10/26/2004 04:30:14 PM:
I am using a General field with and embedded PDF file, but can't figure out how to display the PDF file using FoxWeb.  Can you get me started?  I saw the other post about general fields, but it seems like the response to that was to use a Memo field.  Thanks for any suggestions you might have.