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So if a page returns 8 unique columns worth of info with each column having a hyperlinked header such as status, custname,price, date of order, date of delivery, costctr etc... to sort on, this is going to cause quite a complex html out line isn't it becasue the previous page, there are about 13 input textboxes for the user to fill out plus checkboxes and dropdown choices as well to narrow his search down.
So I will have to account for about 20 variables in an html line? This is starting to sound out of the question. Unless I am misunderstanding something.
Sent by Tim Bowen on 09/28/2004 01:22:44 PM:
I want to be able to  include clickable sort header titles to my output. So if a user gets results returned like you see here
         STATUS  NOUN                    CUST      OFFICE   EDD        JOB          PRICE
4VS5639  OPEN    TONER CARTRIDGE         BOWEN     VSOSR    10/1/04    DT1C3VS0     62.00
4VS5621  OPEN    PRINTER, LASER          BOWEN     VSOSR    10/22/04   DT1C4VS0     578.00
I want them to be able to click on STATUS header and it will sort the data by status.
Easily done?