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Hallo, after your answer, I changed script timeout to 60 seconds, but nothing has changed. The FoxWeb Error Log and fwstart.log do not have any entries at this time. What kind of procedure for debugging should be the best. I will try it.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 10/16/2004 02:25:47 PM:
It's possible that this is a timeout problem, but it's impossible to know without getting more information from you.  Have you use the procedures listed under the Debugging FoxWeb Scripts section of the FoxWeb documentation?  At the very least you should look at the FoxWeb Error Log and the file fwstart.log.  The latter will tell you if any channels have timed out and were restarted.

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Sent by Timo Biedenbender on 10/15/2004 12:32:50 AM:
we are using Foxweb (Version 2.11) and have sometimes a problem with one website. We are using IIS 5.1 with Windows XP Professional SP 1.
This website is a frame of a frameset. When it is called, it shows data of the current month. The user can select anoter month and the website is calling itself and displaying data of the selected month.
Sometimes, the website is not displayed completely. The table stops somewhere. In this situation, you can not see the complete code in the webbrowser.
Sometimes, a part of the code, wich is not interpeted, appears at the top of the table.
In my opinion, it could be a problem with foxweb.
Hope, someone can help us.
Timo Biedenbender