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The ASPSmartMail component is a free component that we included in FoxWeb for your convinience.  We are not the developers of SmartMail and do not have the resources to provide advanced support for problems related to its use.
Having said that, we have tested ASPSmartMail extensively and never had problems connecting to our SMTP server.  Could the issue be caused by a network connectivity problem between your Web and SMTP servers?  Try opening a telnet session between the two, by running the following command from a command window on your Web server.  You will need to substitute <smtpserver> with the host name or ip address of your smtp server:
telnet <smtpserver> 25
If you get an error, then most probably this is a network issue.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Robert Thomas on 10/16/2004 11:41:10 AM:
This is what I get when we run the mail example
OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from aspSmartMail.SendMail : Error 50: The SMTP Server is not ready for Data
I have tried it on 2 servers and it appears to open the connection then immediately close ..