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Thanks for your help, even not being a Foxweb-related question. The problem is that both domains and have the same IP Address. I have tried with a Foxweb Script and it works perfectly (please, see it below), but I need to do the same with raw HTML or Javascript, because when a user types the URL in the browser I need to catch the Server_Name in order to redirect the request to one or another
  <TITLE>Untitled document</TITLE>
  <% DO CASE
     CASE LOWER(Request.ServerVariables('SERVER_NAME'))='' %>
        <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="1;URL=">
  <% CASE LOWER(Request.ServerVariables('SERVER_NAME'))='' %>
        <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="1;URL=">
        lcVariable = Request.ServerVariables('SERVER_NAME')
        Response.Write('Nombre del Servidor pasado: '+lcVariable)
     ENDCASE %>
  <BODY >
   <FONT FACE="Verdana"><SPAN STYLE="font-size : 8.0pt;">Wait a minute, please ...</SPAN></FONT>
This script works fine, but people don't type , but only or
Thanks for your appreciated help
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 10/13/2004 09:56:39 PM:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is not a FoxWeb-related question.  In any case, here it is:
You need to create two separate virtual servers: one for and one for  Most Web servers support specifying a redirection for requests to specific pages, or even to the root of your server.  You will need to specify such redirection for the root folders of each of your virtual servers.

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Sent by Carlos Fuertes on 10/13/2004 06:51:01 AM:
Hi, I have two web sites in the same server and I need to redirect to one or another depending on the URL typed by the user. I mean, if a user types on his browser the html file Index.htm located at the wwwroot of the server should redirect the user to and if a user types then the same file should redirect him to
Any help will be apreciated