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i just baught a new dell powerEdge700 server with windows 2003 server as OS, running IIS6.0 version. after IIS server running okay, i tried to set up foxweb 2.6 on it. since i don't know much about IIS, i tried the following:
  • create a site called foxweb by IIS manager-->computer name--> web sites--> foxweb; in its property page,
    • web site tab, ip, port 65525
    • home directory--> local path: c:\program files\foxweb,
    • home directory -->starting point-->c:\inetput\wwwroot\cgi_bin\foxweb.exe for .fwx files
    • home directory --> execute permissions: scripts and executables
  • allow foxweb service by IIS manager --> computer --> web service extensions;
  • configure foxweb configuration center

while the default web site on this server at is doing fine, i can't get foxweb program running. i don't know what i missed or did anything wrong. pls help!!!

thank you!