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Thanks, Would this require any mods to my fwx? I am certainly not an html genious but does you href reference  below be taken literally with the exception of substituting "mylist" to my actual prg/fwx?
t by FoxWeb Support on 09/28/2004 06:15:09 PM:
You can turn the headers into links that point back to the same fwx file, but pass an additional query string field back to the server.  For example:
<a href="myList.fwx?filter=XXX&sort=status">STATUS</a>
Obviously this requires a round trip to the server, but in most cases this is how it is done.  I have seen sorting performed on the client, but it involved the use of advanced JavaScript, XML and XSLT techniques.  The client-side technique involves more work than the server-side method and it does not work with all browsers.

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Sent by Tim Bowen on 09/28/2004 01:22:44 PM:
I want to be able to  include clickable sort header titles to my output. So if a user gets results returned like you see here
              STATUS          NOUN                        CUST      OFFICE          EDD              JOB          PRICE
4VS5639  OPEN    TONER CARTRIDGE         BOWEN     VSOSR    10/1/04    DT1C3VS0     62.00
4VS5621  OPEN    PRINTER, LASER          BOWEN     VSOSR    10/22/04   DT1C4VS0     578.00
I want them to be able to click on STATUS header and it will sort the data by status.
Easily done?