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Using ASPINET will allow you to interface your fwx scripts with an FTP server, but from your description it does not seem like this is what you need.
For uploading files from the clilent you can use FoxWeb's upload functionality, unless you want to be able to receive extremely large files.  If that's the case, then I recommend FTP from the client, but this involves the user having to utilize an FTP client.  Most browsers support FTP, so one possibility would be to have a link that opens a connection to the FTP server in a new window and instruct users to drag the files they want to upload in the FTP window.  If the server requires authentication, then a login window will pop up automatically:
Here's an example:

Upload Files
The link below will connect you to our FTP server.  After logging in, simply drag the desired files from an explorer window to the FTP server.

Obviously you will not be able to upload files because you don't know the password to our FTP server, but you could just as easily use anonymous FTP on your server.  If you choose to do so, I highly recommend that you only allow uploads in a folder that does not support downloads, or even directory listing.  This will prevent the use of your FTP server as a file exchange mechanism by unrelated individuals.
In terms of retrieval, as long as your file is on an FTP or Web server, you can simply include a URL that points directly to the file.  If the FTP service is running on a different server, then you will need to use an FTP URL:  ftp://servername/path/filename.  If on the other hand the FTP service is running on your Web server, then you can define a virtual directory pointing to the folder where the data files in question are located and use a regular HTTP URL.

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Sent by vivek on 09/25/2004 03:04:24 AM:
I need to use FTP service into FWX. So that i can easily transfer large files from client side to WebServer.
I need user to give some kind of interface to store and retrive file from Webserver.
I try ASPINET with FWX but always return failure..
Please help me i am using foxweb for more than two years and find absolutly brilliant to work with it.