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Most sample applications that come with FoxWeb illustrate most of the techniques that you would need to create a fully functinal FoxWeb applications.  In order to make it easy to understand the code, the HTML, stylesheets and JavaScript in these sample was intentionally kept simple, but other than that you have fully functional applications.  The one exception is the Error Log Viewer sample (fwError), which uses more advanced HTML and utilizes frames and JavaScript to provide a more powerful user interface.
For example, the ContactMine2 sample allows you to search and display lists of records, select a record for viewing and click on a link to edit it.  This compares pretty well with the description of the sample you would like to see.  It does not display photos of contacts, but this is extremely easy to achieve.  If your photos are stored as separate JPEG files on your server, then all you need to do is include a link to these files.  If the photos are stored in the database table instead, then you will need to use the techniques listed under "Returning Non-HTML Content" in the Returning Content to the Browser topic of the FoxWeb documentation.

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Sent by Jim on 09/20/2004 12:56:41 AM:
I'm a disapointed the samples are so simplistic. Where can I get more realistic examples with code. Example, several catagories as links from a dbf file, that when I select a catagory, all 100-200 records display, with the first row a link, that it I select will open to a display screen with a picture. I can select a link on this screen to then open a edit record screen.
So, are there areas of more advance samples instead of the ones supplied.