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Any error that is written to the error log hangs the channel indefinately.
Channel has to be killed and restarted manually.
Script timeout - 120 seconds
Session timeout - 3 minutes
Total channels - 5 (we're running dual AMD processors and a gig of ram)
Sent by Dan Divens on 09/20/2004 09:59:19 AM:
We've been using successfully since 1996 - we love your program and currently run about 70 large database websites on a single Win2003 box. We just upgraded to your newest version of FoxWeb, and are having troubles with the channels hanging and not recovering.
Whenever we get this error, the channel does not recover - we are working on fixing the bad clause, but is there a way for the channels to recover from this in the meantime? (I'm having to monitor and kill channels in real time):
Error #:      1807
Message: SQL: GROUP BY clause is missing or invalid.
Program: d:\cn\hs\*private*\edithomes.fxp
Line #: 561

SELECT DISTINCT Clients.Client_ID, Clients.PASSWORD, Clients.Company, Clients.Full_Name FROM cClientPath + "clients" GROUP BY Clients.Client_ID ORDER BY Clients.Company WHERE Client_id = nOperator_ID INTO CURSOR AllClients