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Two possibile solutions:
1. Send your request in the current window with window.location.href='myscript.fwx'.  The script should return HTTP code 204 (no content), which will instruct the browser to leave the content of the previous page displayed:
... code that sets the value of the variable
* Instruct the browser to stay on the previous page
Response.Status = '204 No Content'


2. Instead of opening a new window, simply create a frame, or iframe with 0 pixels width and/or height.  You can then use top.framename.location.href='myscript.fwx' to send your URL to the server.  The FoxWeb Forum uses this technique to send information back to the server without displaying a response (for example, when you use the "Flag Thread" button).

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Sent by Richard on 08/29/2004 02:00:17 PM:
I want to open a new window using  but when the window opens I don't want it to be visible because I am only using it to pass information then shutdown and go back to the original parent window. Is this possible. I am trying to pass a Java Var to create a Clipper Var
Thanks for your help