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If Restart Channels is enabled, then FoxWeb will attempt to restart channels that are marked as busy for longer than the Script Timeout setting + 5 seconds.  However, in some cases channel processes are locked in a way that prevents FoxWeb (or any other application for that matter) from killing them.  The primary example is when channels get locked by DrWatson, or the newer FoxPro Fatal Error Reporting (DW15.EXE and DWINTL.DLL).
I recommend that you:
  1. Send us a copy of fwstart.log via email.
  2. Disable the Run as Service and Hide Channels options, restart FoxWeb and look for the corresponding channel window when the problem happens.  Are there any visible queues, such dialog boxes?

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 08/03/2004 02:02:42 PM:
Hello. The problem I am having is that channels are not restarting locking up the webserver and the hosted email server. The problem occurs with a programming error but should channels not restart? My configuration may not be correct so here it is:
FOR two domains should I have more than two channels set?
Close tables
Restart channels
Run as service
Buffer output
Session support
Keep Prgs
Script timeout = 40
Session timeout = 30
Total channels = 2
Virtual Server set as use web server's directory mapings
Ip-Addresses have no IP address in each of two boxes.
The logs do not show anything of usefulness that I can tell.
Can someone tell me what I can do better please?