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Javascript runs on the client after FoxWeb sends the page back.  Here's the series of events:
  • You request the page from your browser.
  • FoxWeb runs the script and returns the final output to the browser, with the current time hard-coded in the onclick code: onclick="itchanged('10:55 AM')"
  • Clicking on the button does not request a new page from the Web server, so you will keep getting the same result, nomatter how many times you try.  In order to update the time, you need to re-submit your request.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Richard on 06/30/2004 09:26:14 PM:
I am using the script below and the value does not change unless I refresh the page is there a way around this?
<script language= "javascript" type = text/javascript">
function itchanged(xx)
<form method="post">
input type= "text" size="20" onclick="itchanged('<response.write(time())%>')">