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Thankyou for your comments. Probably the best way is the one I'm using now: the script at the server creates an VFP executable containing the data and forwards it attached to an e-mail to the client. By executing such exe file, data is inserted into the client's application. The only disadvantage now is that someone has to click onto the exe file, but is not so bad.
Thanks for your help once more
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 06/22/2004 04:26:05 PM:
Typically, your FoxWeb applications will be called via Web browsers, so there's no way to interact with data, such as VFP tables, on the client computer.
If your client base is small and consistent, and utilizes your application on a frequent basis (for example if you are writing an intranet application), you could utilize VFP as the front end to your application instead of a Web browser.  The front end would use an HTTP control to communicate with the FoxWeb scripts running on your Web server and would also have access to local data.  Essentially, the front end would be a regular VFP app., which would have the ability to exchange information (probably in XML format) with the Web server.
Please note that undertaking such a project is not a 1-2 day task and that there a lot of things you will need to figure out on your own.  Also this solution would not work if your client base is a broad set of users that occasionally connect over the Internet to collect, or update information, because such a group would not be willing to download and install a client-side application (as well as the VFP run-time DLLs).

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Sent by Carlos Fuertes on 06/22/2004 03:18:14 PM:
Hello all,
I have a foxweb script that collects information in a form and then inserts such information into a foxpro table located at the server side (no matter if the table is located in the same computer where the web server resides, or in another computer over the Intranet).
Now, my question is: is it possible in any way to insert the same record into a table located at the client side from the same script, or using other techniques?. I mean the same table (same structure) is also located at the C drive of the client machine and I need to duplicate the record inserted into the server
Any help will be apreciated