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First of all I recommend that you download and install FoxWeb 2.6.  It's a free upgrade for you and contains some important fixes.
Regarding this particular problem, try using the content type 'application/unknown'.  This will cause the browser to pop up the Open/Save dialog, allowing you to save the file to disk, so that you can inspect it and compare it to the original on the server.

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Sent by Andrea on 06/07/2004 08:55:13 AM:
when i try to open a pdf file ( almost 20 mb) with this command:
html_out = 'Content-type: application/pdf' + chr(10) + chr(10) + readfile(f_name)
I receive the message in subject :'string is too long to fit' on my IE 6.0
There is a way to open a large pdf file passing on foxweb code (old programming method .fxp)
i'm using a 2.1 software version with IIS 5.0 e win2000.
Thank's in advance